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Community Partners are organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies who have agreed to collaborate with the KDSC on the development of data science projects. This partnership brings real datasets and issues into the classroom, so students at universities across Kansas can gain hands-on experience. In turn, partners are granted access to the data analysis, visualzations, and insights generated by the students at low or no cost.

These projects are used in our Community Data Lab which currently runs in the spring semester at KU and K-State, and the spring and fall semesters at Wichita State. We have some capacity beyond the classroom, and a limited number of projects may be assigned to our research assistants. However, we cannot guarantee students will be able to work on these projects until the start of the next Spring semester. Projects may be developed and datasets may be identified at any time and interested organizations are always welcome to reach out.

What is a data science project?

Because we take an interdisciplinary approach to data science we are able to work with all manner of data on all kinds of issues. We are currently working on projects which include photos, text, survey results, sensor readings, trade routes, and much more. This information is adapted to answer questions from our community partners. These questions are as varied as the partners which ask them. If your organization is seeking analysis, exploration, or insight, you could be a community partner.

Providing the best service to our partners includes establishing and adhering to data security protocols. All projects are subject to our Data Management Plan which includes general guidelines and practices and has been sufficient for most projects. Some of our partners have data which requires special handling or additional protections. In those instances, we establish a Data Transfer and Use Agreement which starts with our general template and is customized for the specific needs of a project. Anyone with questions about these policies or our approach to security is encouraged to reach out.

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