Social Science Quantitative Methods Reading Group

The University of Kansas Social Science Quantitative Methods Reading Group meets monthly to discuss quantitative research methods in the social sciences. Topics will vary and may include causal inference, longitudinal analysis, quantitative methods using big data, structural equation modeling, and text analysis.

Coffee and snacks are provided courtesy of the Psychology Department.

September 29th4:00 PMKansas UnionAlderson AuditoriumDifference-in-Differences
October 27th4:00 PMKansas UnionCentennial RoomMeasurement Validation
December 1st4:00 PMKansas UnionMalott RoomDecomposition Models
January 26th4:00 PMTBDTBDTBD

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November/December, 2023

1) Fan, W. and L. Luo. 2020. Understanding Trends in the Concentration of Infant Mortality among Disadvantaged White and Black Mothers in the U.S. 1983-2013. Demography 57:919-1005. 

2) Prickett and Augustine, J. 2021. Trends in Mothers Parenting Time by Education and Work 2003 - 2017. Demography 58(3): 1065-91. 

October, 2023

1) Flake, J. K., & Fried, E. I. (2020). Measurement schmeasurement: Questionable measurement practices and how to avoid them. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 3(4), 456–465.

2) Cizek, G. J. (2016). Validating test score meaning and defending test score use: Different aims, different methods. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 23(2), 212–225.


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September, 2023

Introduction to Difference-in-Differences (CFDR Workshop)

Paper on Difference-in-Differences (Wooldridge, 2021)



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