Community Data Lab

Data science is an interdisciplinary field which refines information into usable data to fuel insights. This course offers students an opportunity to work on real-world problems and datasets supplied by community partners. These partners include local and state governments, health care, education, and small businesses across the state of Kansas. Students will cultivate data-driven solutions and in doing so, will develop their skills. Students will analyze questions to formulate answers from data, using computer programming, data management and wrangling, analysis and visualization, statistical inference and prediction, data-driven decision making, and communication. Students will also gain professional skills learning to work with different organizations across the state.

This course is taught at KU every spring semester. If you are a student or potential community partner who would like to get involved, contact

Additional details about this program can be found in the KU Today publication. This program is funded through the National Science Foundation Track-1 EPSCoR ARISE project.