Data Science Competitions in Kansas

The Kansas Data Science Consortium is engaging students in data science competitions which hone their skills and expand their abilities. Instructors who would like to bring these opportunities to their classrooms and schools are encouraged to get involved. Businesses and organizations are invitied to collaborate in developing competitions by providing data, materials, and challenge prompts. 

Previous Competitions

AIS-KDSC Spring 2023 joint competition with the KU School of Business
Group of people sitting around large tables during collaborative presentation

Aspiring Ad Astra Tournament

Introductory Level, Undergraduate Students, Any School, Fall 2023-Spring 2024

The Kansas Data Science Consortium is thrilled to partner with Aspiring Ad Astra and the Environmental Protection Agency to put forth a contest for undergraduate students. The first round of the tournament will be incorporated into introductory level classes at colleges and universities across Kansas during the fall semester. Students will work on competition projects as part of class assignments. The top three projects will be selected for the second round, the statewide Tournament of Champions to take place in early 2024. First, second, and third place finishers will be invited to present their winning projects at the Kansas Data Science Conference.

This competition will be based on water quality data and census data. Students will be expected to cultivate skills in statistics, modeling, visualization, and communications as they develop projects about environmental inequities in Kansas. Students are neither required nor expected to have mastered these skills at the outset of the competition. This tournament is a learning opportunity, and should provide an innovative challenge for participants. 

The first round, hosted by individual schools, may vary slightly. Some schools may opt to provide prizes or incentives at this level. Students are encouraged to reach out to their instructors for details. Winners of the Tournament of Champions will receive cash prizes and sponsored travel. Additional details will be provided when they are available. If you are an instructor at a college or university with an introductory data science course and would like to learn more about bringing this phenomenal opportunity to your students, we encourage you to reach out to our competition commander Will Duncan,


AIS-KDSC Data Science Competition 

Intermediate Level, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, University of Kansas, Spring 2024

The Kansas Data Science Consortium, KU School of Business, and the Analytics and Information Systems Student Club are putting on their second annual data science competition. This competition is for KU School of Business students, both undergraduate and graduate level. Competition topics and materials will be announced before the spring semester. If you are a student interested in participating please contact our competition commander Will Duncan,